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Banten Meat Empal is becoming a favorite dish of many people : CROXYPROXY

Recipe Empal DAging Khas West Java Banten Famous Delicious

Many processed meats can be used as a heavy dish, especially for side dishes, and one of them is the recipe for West Javanese banten meat empal with a pronounced flavor. Perhaps for most people who live in the West Java region, they already understand the taste and texture of processed meat, so it is considered one of the favorite dishes there.

For those of you who like to hunt for food from different regions, we strongly recommend trying the meat empal from Banten. But before that, you need to know how the difference between empal, goulash and rabega is usually easy to find in the city of Banten. These three foods basically use the same basic ingredient, namely beef.

If you look deeper into processed beef, it is really one of the popular dishes, since it is very convenient if it receives additional spices to enhance the taste of food. As a beef-based dish, the West Javanese Banten meat recipe has its  own fan section due to its characteristic flavor.

Since it is one of the heavy foods made from processed meat, of course, all three have an almost similar texture, since both are heavy, fatty and, of course, tasty when eaten with rice. But still, although the properties are almost the same, these three foods have different textures and flavors so that they can adjust the taste of each.

The popularity of all processed meat types in the Banten City area

Of course, in the world of culinary business, many food stalls or restaurants have one of the menus that uses processed meat. From processed chicken, beef or fish, all three have their own connoisseurs, because the language of each person is definitely different. However, when we discuss the recipe for West Javanese meat empal Banten, the dish, of course, has its own flavor.

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So it is not surprising that when visiting Banten, many people are looking for meat empal dishes with their pronounced flavor. Because it must be easy to find it in food stalls or in roadside restaurants, so this dish is very popular with locals even outside the city. Popular dishes will become more famous if they are very easy to find, wherever they are.

Of course, among other processed meat empals such as rabeg, gepuk, hayam bakakak and fish pepes, they are easy to find there. There are plenty of processed meats to try when visiting Banten. But still, the processed recipe for West Javanese meat empal Banten is  the main goal you need to try when visiting there.

If you look deeper into processed beef, it is really the most popular besides the processed fish when visiting Banten. In fact, the West Java region has the characteristics of dishes dominated by processed fish such as pepes. Despite this, processed meat is basically one of the most popular dishes in the West Java region.

Characteristics of processed recipes Empal Daging Khas West Java Banten

The inhabitants of the West Java region themselves have the characteristics of a dish that tastes a little spicy, sour and spicy. In addition, people are also very fond of fresh vegetables, which are used as vegetables to accompany heavy meals, especially processed meat-based ones. From these data we can already conclude that meat is really a favorite food there.

When we discuss processed meat, of course, one was thinking of a processed recipe for empala meat typical of the West Java Banten. However, did you know that other processed meats, such as stews and rabeg, also have properties close to processed meat. Both use the main ingredients of meat and coconut milk, these three dishes certainly have their own characteristics.

As for the taste, of course, the three dishes are very dependent on the spices used to strengthen the flavor of processed beef dishes. Coconut milk as one of the main ingredients is also very important, as it can cause a spicy taste in three processed meats.

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In addition to coconut milk, the part of the cow’s body also greatly affects the final result of this food. If the typical West Javanese meat embal Banten recipe can take full advantage of the upper part of the thigh, then rabeg’s dish has another essential ingredient. Rabeg himself basically uses the brisket and gandik as the main components of the meat used in food.

But for stews, you need to know that most preparations use beef, such as thighs, as the main ingredient. The chest itself is the part of the cow that is located on the chest near the armpits. Then for the gandik itself is the thigh part of the cow, the quality of the meat of which is almost the same as the front thigh, but still gives a different texture.

How to make processed empala meat typical of West Java Banten that pamper the tongue

To process the recipe for meat from the West Javanese Banten, you first need to prepare the  ingredients and basic spices. Starting with the marinade, prepare 4 cloves of garlic, 3 tablespoons of granulated sugar 1 teaspoon of cumin, 2 teaspoons of coriander, 20 grams of galangal, 8 grams of turmeric, water and salt to taste. Be sure to prepare 500 grams of meat as the main ingredient, which was cooked half-cooked.

Continue the processing process, bake cumin and cilantro for a while so that it changes color after snoozing. Remember to bake these two ingredients separately and mix both ingredients as a delicate seasoning part. Put the turmeric and garlic in a mash along with the salt of about one and a half teaspoons until it seems smooth.

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After completing the fine seasoning of the Western Java meat recipe  , Banten proceed to the beef slicing section that was previously cooked. Cut flat according to the direction of the beef fiber so that it can be ground later. The purpose of pounding is so that the taste of the previous delicate spice can penetrate and accentuate the flavor of the typical banten meat emphal.

Then fry the seasoning for a while until it is fragrant, continue with a sufficient amount of water about 200 ml along with the broth and sugar. Do not forget that pre-chopped beef is also inserted, wait at least 10 minutes until the water drops. Then fry the beef and serve it, it is guaranteed to taste very delicately tasty for home cooking.

Banten Meat Empal is becoming a favorite dish of many people

You  can prepare  a processed recipe for West Javanese Banten meat in advance at home. The ingredients are simple and simple, but the taste is still unmatched. In fact, many people are willing to go to Banten to taste this one dish right from the city where the food comes from.

Not a few people open businesses outside the city by relying on their ability to process Banten’s typical meat empala dishes. Its distinctive flavor is able to attract people outside the city to taste one of these special dishes. In addition, during food festivals, this dish also often appears and is loved by many people who attend the festival.

Everyone certainly has their own taste for processed meat from it soup and dry dishes. If you are one of the people who likes soup dishes, then there is nothing wrong with tasting Banten’s characteristic meat empal. Even if you want to prepare your own recipe for West Javanese meat empal banten , if it is widely distributed on the Internet.

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